Mesa community having tough time getting roads repaired

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

MESA, Ariz. - Standing in a street near her Mesa home, Suzie Campbell showed 3 On Your Side a problem that she and her neighbors are pretty tired of dealing with.

“The residents are just so frustrated here,” she said.

For the past four years, Campbell and those who live in the Holiday Village community say they've been fighting with their property managers, Newbury Management, to fix more than 100 potholes in their neighborhood.

The community doesn't have sidewalks so residents have to walk in the street.

Because it's a 55 years old and up community, Campbell said the potholes aren't just ugly, she says they pose safety concerns.

“It's a trip and slip hazard,” she said. “It's just an accident waiting to happen. Like I said, one lady broke her kneecap, elderly lady. Another one broke her arm.”

Campbell said she tried to get Newbury Management, which is based in Michigan, to fix the potholes, but when nothing was done, she filed a complaint with the state and city of Mesa.

A judge found the property managers must fix the holes stating, “They are not safe for walking.”

The judge gave them three months to make the repairs.

But days before that deadline, Campbell said there was no indication things were going to get fixed.

“I just want this to get out and let people know what's going on," Campbell said. "Basically, that's why I called Channel 3.”

3 On Your Side contacted Newbury Management and spoke with a regional manager named Randy Iaquinto. He assured us the repair work was on track.

“We actually complete all the streets in Holiday Village on an annual basis, as we have done on an annual basis for the past three to five years,” Iaquinto said.

Two weeks after that phone conversation, 3 On Your Side re-visited Holiday Village and found work being done.

According to a letter to residents, the repairs will take three weeks to complete.

Some roads have been resurfaced and neighbors say they can safely walk and ride bikes on the streets.

Campbell said she's happy to see her neighborhood return to normal.

“I'm hoping that it'll be safer for these people and they can get out and walk around and have fun,” she said. “Channel 3 was like totally wonderful. I'm sure that they had a great part in getting this done for me.”