Data Doctor: New iPhone has many improvements

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PHOENIX – The announcement of Apple’s new iPhone – the iPhone 4S – has everybody talking, including Ken Colburn of Data Doctors. He calls the iPhone 4S a “vast improvement” of the current version of the popular smartphone.

This new iteration of the iPhone features a dual-core A5 chip, which gives is the same processing power as the iPad. “The new 4S will have seven times the speed for video, for gaming and that kind of thing,” Colburn explained.

It also has an 8-megapixel camera, new optics and lens technology, iOS5 and iCloud, which is basically cloud storage for everything.

“It’s loaded with new features,” Colburn said. One of those new features is Siri, which is voice recognition and activation for sending messages, setting reminders and search, among other things.

According to Apple, “Siri is the intelligent assistant that’s there to help. Just ask. Your wish is its command. … Siri understands what you say, knows what you mean, and even talks aback.”

“According to the commercials that they run, it looks just brilliant,” Colburn said. “they reality is it’s not going to work as slick as it does in the ads, but it does give you the opportunity to listen to text messages, dictate in voice and what have you. … I think people will find it very, very useful.”

The Siri functionality was an app before. Now it’s built right into the operating system.

“The good news here is if you have i-anything, … iOS5, which is the next generation [operating system] that’s going to be coming out in the next couple of weeks, a lot of the new features are going to be built into that, not the iPhone 4S.”

Colburn advises those with iPods, iPads and earlier versions of the iPhone to make sure and upgrade to take advantage of those features.

While Android fans might not be impressed with the new gadget, Apple fans will love it.

“If you’re an Apple fan, this is absolutely the best iPhone they’ve ever come out with,” Colburn said.

The other piece of good news is for Sprint users: Sprint will finally getting the iPhone.

You can preorder the new iPhone 4S online on Friday. If you would rather go to a store, it will be there beginning Oct. 14.