Texas man killed in dust storm related crash at Picacho Peak

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- A massive dust storm was to blame Tuesday night for a major 16 car pileup on I-10 near Picacho Peak. It shut down the freeway and claimed the life of one Texas man.

One second drivers could see, the next they couldn't.

"I remember seeing a wall of dirt," said a driver Tuesday afternoon.  "Then I saw a car ahead of me, put my brakes on but it was too late,"

Sixteen total vehicles, slamming into each other one after another.

"When I got hit I thought I was dead.  It was a big hit," said Campos.

A big hit that rocked Jose Campos, his Toyota Camry and his pregnant wife inside.

"They checked her out.  She's great," said Campos.

Aerial video shows emergency crews doing their best to help victims in windy conditions, but on the ground, the scene was a lot different. The dust storm lingered for hours.

"There were times when we had no visibility," said a first responder.

The lack of visibility made it tough for first responders.  Emergency helicopters couldn't help the crash victims. Twelve taken by ground to local hospitals.

When the dust finally cleared out, DPS could start the cleanup.  And drivers get an up close look at the damage.

Debris and mangled metal everywhere and traffic, backed up for miles.  All in all, Jose says it could have been a lot worse.

"Pretty lucky.  I don't recommend anyone driving in this type of weather," said Campos.  "No visibility, stay home."

One man died as a result of Tuesday's accident and two remain in the hospital with life threatening injuries.