Fire forces family to climb out second-story windows

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PHOENIX – Five people, one of them a child, had to climb out their windows to escape their burning condo Wednesday morning.

Fire crews and ambulances were called to a condo complex just east of North Mountain Park near Seventh Street and Cheryl Drive, which is north of Dunlap Avenue, at about 6 a.m.

The family was awakened by stifling smoke that made it difficult for them to breathe. Not only did they see an incredible amount of smoke, they also saw flames and heard their smoke detectors.

The fire was burning downstairs, trapping the family on the second floor.

The little girl told 3TV’s Javier Soto the only way out was through a window, so she climbed out on to the balcony. Firefighters and police officers were able to help her down.

The entire family, including three dogs, was able to get outside to safety.

Covered with soot but lucky to be alive, all five members of the family were being looked at for smoke inhalation.

The girl suffered burns to her legs and was taken to a local hospital. The four adults, all of whom had to be rescued, refused treatment.

No other injuries were reported.

Crews were able to knock the fire down relatively quickly, but not before the flames did significant damage to the condo.

Firefighters believe this was an accidental electrical fire that started in the kitchen.