Beware of new tax phone scam that promises $7,000

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX – Marcia Cooke says she could definitely use some extra cash.  

"It would be great to pay off some bills," she says.

Marcia was interested when she received a recent phone call claiming she was going to be receiving some cash just for paying her Federal taxes on time year after year.
"He said well the Federal Government picks about 40,000 people a year to receive $7,000 grant money," Marcia tells 3 On Your Side.
The caller said the $7,000 was coming from the "Federal Government Grant Division."  

At first, Marcia was excited. That is until the caller told her about a required deposit.
"You need to make a minor deposit which is known as a security amount and the amount is only $210 dollars. You have to deposit it in the Western Union store only," the caller told Marcia.
Marcia grew more and more suspicious and when she started asking questions they cut her off.
Bill Brunson is with the Internal Revenue Service and tells 3 On Your Side the call Marcia received is a common scam.
"You're not going to get a call from the IRS saying you have $7,000 coming to you, please provide $200 and then you'll get your money. The Internal Revenue Service does not work that way," Bill explains.
Bill says if you do get a phone call like this one, get as much information as you can and then contact the IRS.
“You can pick up the phone and call the IRS and say, ‘Hey so and so just called me and this is what happened and then the IRS can take it from there’,” Bill tells 3 On Your Side.
Marcia says even though times are tough, she hopes other callers don't get taken in by the scam. “Hang up. Don't even bother because it's not true, it's not real. You need to ignore it,” Marcia tells us.
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