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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Lisa Schnebly Heidinger, author of "Arizona: 100 Years Grand," the “official” book of the Centennial. The book is described as "a geographical, historical and cultural collection of our state's best and brightest people, places and events during the first century of statehood."

Heidinger says she spent months in research.  She says it was a constant puzzle-piecing process that went together, but it worked. She says Each page in the book represents a single year in Arizona’s history.  She says it highlights the main event of each year, along with a timeline of other happenings. She says her brother, Lindsay was the photographer for many of the pictures in the book.  She says other photographs were donated by other photographers, along with state and federal agencies and private businesses.

Heidinger talks about some of the “highlights” in the book, including the State's first Governor, George W.P. Hunt, who walked to the statehood ceremonies,
and more recently,  Gov. Rose Mofford, who met Mother Teresa. She characterized the movers and shakers of Arizona’s first 100 years as iconoclastic and fiercely independent individuals who descended from those who did not play well with others back east  and found the freedom they sought here.

Heidinger also talks about the about the Arizona Centennial Commission, of which she is a member.  She says the Arizona Centennial Commemoration will be a statewide, multi-year observation, with events and projects taking place from 2010 through 2012 in communities across the state.