Feed the World day in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Thursday was Feed the World day. It's a day to give remembrance to over 1.5 billion people internationally who go hungry.

Govinda's, a local Indian buffet serving traditional Hindu-vegetarian cuisine, decided to help people going hungry in Tucson.

"One of the concepts we have at Govinda's is that nobody should go hungry within 10 miles of a temple.  So, we open it up and we have a vegetarian buffet in there with lots of nice scrumptious dishes and it's free to the public," Govinda's Vice President  Jean Filaseta.

Everyone who came, impoverished or not, could enjoy a great meal and some live music.

Participants could also relax with a massage or get a tarot card reading.

It was the restaurant's 10th annual Feed the World day event.