Explorer Don Wildman takes us 'Off Limits'

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PHOENIX -- You might know history buff and explorer Don Wildman from History's "Cities of the Underworld." Now he's at it again in "Off Limits," which is exactly what it sounds like.

In "Off Limits," Wildman takes us inside "the forbidden, hidden and unseen spaces across America" with a single goal in mind.

"With a take-no-prisoners approach, he'll unearth the truths of our past and find their secret connections to our future," reads the show's website. "These places are rusting away, crumbling to dust, and their stories must be told before it's too late."

Wildman checked in with Scott Pasmore live via satellite to talk about "Off Limits" and his other show "Mysteries at the Museum."

"I was a huge museum fan when I was a kid," Wildman said. "I feel very lucky to be able to be a person now who guides you through these collections around the country, through museums great and those more obscure. There are so many museums; it's a world unto itself."

One of the places Wildman goes is the Titan Missile Museum about 25 miles south of Tucson.

"They have one of those missiles right in the silo," he said. "It awes you to see that thing in its place."

While you can visits most of the place features in "Mysteries at the Museum," that's not the case with "Off Limits."

"We try to tell the stories of these cities through places you couldn't find as a member of the public," Wildman explained.

Like it is with "Mysteries of the Museum," Arizona is on Wildman's itinerary for "Off Limits." He explores the Superstition Mountains, home of the fabled Lost Dutchman's Mine, outside of Phoenix for both both shows.

"Off Limits" and "Mysteries at the Museum" premiere back-to-back Tuesday night on the Travel Channel. Check your local listings for details.