City of Tucson recycling program to collect unwanted items for good cause

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The City of Tucson is kicking off a new environmental campaign that will help residents get rid of their goods and help out a good cause.

Between now and October 28 residents can go to city hall and drop off old stuff-- things like crayons and sneakers-- and make a big difference in the community.

Recycling items in the blue bin is a good start. But it's not the place for everything.

"If you recycle everything you possibly could that we except in our blue barrel you would only be able to recycle about 35% of your waste," said Nancy Peterson Tucson Environmental Services.

That's why Environmental Services launched the 'Know Where to Throw' program.

"It's a great program overall, from job creation, to helping people in need," said Peterson.

For this drive, the city wants four items in particular: crayons, bras, sneakers and eyeglasses.

Items can be dropped off at either City Hall or city council offices.

"We chose these four items because we want to bring attention to different things you might have around your household, a lot of times we keep these things because we don't really know what to do with them," said Peterson.

The crayons will be donated to city programs for children.  Bras will go to Tucson women in need.  Sneakers will be shredded, then used for athletic court surfaces.  And the eyeglasses will be distributed to people all over the world.

"We conserve our natural resources and we also limit the amount of land we need to use for land-filling," said Peterson.

City leaders hope to fill and re-fill the bins over the next month.  They'll tally the collected items on America recycles day, November 15.