Profiles in courage: The fallout of the conviction of Warren Jeffs

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PHOENIX -- It's been almost two months since a jury in Texas convicted polygamous leader Warren Jeffs on child sex assault charges and sentenced him to life in prison.

3TV's Mike Watkiss recently went to Colorado City to see the fallout since that conviction and sentence.

There are big chances there, some good and some bad, according to Watkiss.

Coming up Tuesday night at 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., Watkiss has two stories that he calls profiles in courage.

The first is about a veteran Arizona police officer named Gary Engles.

The second is about a brave woman named Jinger Cook and her family. They moved to Colorado City three years ago, and Cook says it has been a nightmare because they have lived in a "state of siege."

"These are unique perspectives coming from inside the still very closed communities of Hilldale and Colorado City," Watkiss explained.