ASU President promotes economic cooperation in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The issue of jobs is front and center as the economy struggles to recover And one expert says fostering a good relationship with our Phoenix neighbors may help Tucson get back on track.

"They move on their own their connected on their own," said Michael Crow.

ASU President Michael Crow was in Wildcat territory Friday to talk about working together.

"What businesses need to do is figure out what they need to make the megapolitan region work like a region," said Dr. Crow.

Megapolitan was the word of the day.  It's a concept that would have businesses here doing business with Phoenix.

"That's related to infrastructure that's related to connectivity that's related to joint projects, joint ventures," said Crow.

To fare well in this economy, Tucson businesses have had to get creative, or make cuts.

"I'm doing more marketing through social media.  Also partnering with other wellness clinics," said Don Chatfield from the Headspring Center

"We had our first layoff in the 85 year history of our company this last year," said Donald Smith from SCF Arizona.

Crow suggests reaching out to our metropolitan neighbors will help local business and create possibilities for expansion.

He says one area where we can work on strengthening our bond with Phoenix is manufacturing.

"We've got to really focus on making things and then ultimately exporting those things because that's where we can get the real high value returns," said

Changing our mindset is key says Crow.  Instead of competing with the valley, the Old Pueblo must find a way to work with Phoenix businesses as one unit.

ASU President promotes economic cooperation in Tucson