Tucson based armor manufacturer expansion plans

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Ask most anyone what can help get the economy going, and the top answer is more jobs.

A Tucson based manufacturing company is hoping their new plant is a 'bulletproof' solution to the Old Pueblo's unemployment rate.

Bourque industries makes ballistic armor for military and law enforcement personnel.

But it's the Kryron Terminator armor technology that makes the product stand out.

"There was a drastic need and finally we were working with aluminum for conductive matter and hence a new lighter weight ballistic material,"

The armor isn't the only thing that stands out at Bourque.  Founder and CEO John Bourque is a hands on guy, who is proud of his company's expansion.

They started with a building for about 30 employees and are moving into an expanded facility for 200.

"It gives more space more room more area to operate create more jobs, we have the potential that we can get around with it three shifts,"

Instead of leaving for cheaper labor overseas, Bourque is staying right here in Tucson.

"Tucson is America and this is America and I don't fall with the corporate beliefs that save a nickel send it overseas,"

The future plans for Bourque look very bright. The company will begin making armor plating for vehicles and helicopters.

"We will be working on new vehicles were looking right now purchase another building right here in Tucson for our armored vehicle division,"

Many of the jobs that Bourque will be adding to the area will be highly skilled, where employees will need training.

Saturday morning Bourque held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the opening of their new building.