Tucson barbershop owners starting over after arsonist destroyed business

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was a dream to own their own business, but a week ago, it went up in flames at the hands of an arsonist.

Now the owners of a local barbershop are starting over.

"It's very sad and unfortunate to know that somebody had so much anger and could do something like this," said the co-owner's sister-in-law Diana Aceves.

Diana Aceves is hosting a car wash to help bring back Second to None.  A fire tore through the barber and beauty shop a week ago.  It hadn't even been open a year.

"That's something that me and my fiance put our heart and soul into," said co-owner Jeanine Lopez.

Owner Jeanine Lopez says donations will rebuild, what an arsonist had destroyed.

"We went from cutting hair to cleaning to doing everything.  We were there basically all day.  That was our second home," said Lopez.

The owners say nothing could be salvaged from the fire so while they work to start all over again investigators work to solve this case.

"We still haven't heard as much from them because I'm sure they have to be sure and have everything," said Lopez.

"We still don't know why.  We would like to have answers to why, but then again we would like to get them back to what they love doing," said Aceves.

So the road to being their own boss took an ugly turn, but Jeanine says they will get back on track.

"We don't really have a set time as to when we will reopen.   We most definitely will and we will come back full force," said Lopez.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call 911 or 88-CRIME. 

Tucson barbershop owners starting over after arsonist destroyed business