Demonstrators voice their opinions during 'Chalk the Police' protest

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By Jennifer Thomas By Jennifer Thomas

PHOENIX -- Armed with chalk demonstrators voiced their opinions against law enforcement in downtown Phoenix Saturday morning.

Demonstrators scribbled on the sidewalk in front of the Fourth Avenue Jail during a protest called "Chalk the Police."

"Pretty much just standing up for all those people that got arrested for useless crimes for the revenue generation," demonstrator Christopher Broughton said.

Police kept a watchful eye as about two dozen people took part in the protest, criticizing law enforcement and claiming officers are abusing their power, especially Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio had said anyone breaking the law would be arrested, but it turned out to be a peaceful protest with no one taken into custody.

"I'm just drawing attention to the big illusion that some people have a right to rule over other people without their consent," demonstrator Ken Alandt said.