Teen finds thousands of dollars and turns money into police

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CASA GRANDE - When Bobby Bartelson, 17,  rounded up the grocery carts at his job this week, he found something unexpected.

“I just saw a black box inside this part of the cart,” said Bartelson.
After taking a quick look inside, the teen went back into the store knowing exactly what he would do.
Bartelson said “It's amazing really. I wasn't expecting that much money was in there,” after learning the value of the bag’s contents were around seventy-thousand dollars.
Commander Mike Keck with the Casa Grande police department described what else was in the lunch bag.
“I saw silver and gold coins that I've never seen before. They were old. They had a Kennedy silver dollar from the year he was assassinated,” said Keck.
Keck said he doesn’t remember someone turning into police something with this large of a value before. 
The black lunch cooler belongs to a couple from Casa Grande.
The Smith's left it in the grocery cart on accident and said they brought it to the store because it had stuff inside that could never be replaced.
The Smith’s home had been broken into in the past and they carry their valuables with them.
“It was stuff that my children had bought me, that didn't want to part with,” said Sheila Smith.
The Smith’s said all of the items in the bag are now in the bank.
The couple said Bartelson’s kind act won’t soon be forgotten.
“He's got something to be proud of the rest of his life,” said Tom Smith.
Bartelson said “I know right from wrong. I just did the right thing, because I’m an honest person.”
The Smith’s gave Bartelson a small reward for his kind act.