Northwest Tucson road expansion project finally completed

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- For years, La Canada from Ina Road to Calle Concordia was just two lanes, one going north the other going south, but no longer.

Thursday, Pima County Department of Transportation and the Regional Transportation Authority celebrated a completed project.

With scissors in hand, Pima County DOT and the RTA celebrated the successful completion of a project providing relief for commuters in an area that grew faster than the roads could keep up.

"Its been two years now under construction and it's done. It's a celebration," said Director of Pima County Department of Transportation Priscilla Cornelio.

"So to have it look like this today is fabulous," said Ann Day.

The roadway project on La Canada from Ina to Calle Concordia has been in the works since 2001.

Pima County Supervisor Ann Day says the road project was a bit of a challenge.

"It's probably the most difficult road project that I've been involved in.  Because there was a lot of mitigation and it's such a long stretch of road, and there's so many homes on this road way," said Day.

There were also issues with money.

In 2006, the RTA stepped in and now commuters are driving on a $28 million road.

"We didn't have the money.  Thankfully the voters approved for the Regional Transpiration Authority in 2006 and it was 18 million dollars of RTA money," said Cornelio.

The northwest side continues to grow and there are a number of future projects in the works.

Including some major construction on La Cholla that will keep construction crews on the job.

"We have under construction sections of La Cholla and to widen that Magee all the way to Thornydale and ultimate to Oracle Road so the dirt is flying every where here in the northwest," said Cornelio.

Both the county DOT and the RTA hope to be celebrating more successful projects in the near future.