Gijalva unveils border and jobs act; Nogales to vote on removal of Von Borstel plaque

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Wednesday morning Congressman Raul Grijalva introduced his border and jobs act of 2011.

Representative Grijalva talked in front of a handful people at Armory Park.  His bill calls for strengthening cross border trade and small business revitalization.

Grijalva says, he wants to not only put Arizonans back to work, he wants to put Americans back to work.


NOGALES, Ariz. -- Octavio Garcia Von Borstel, the former Mayor of Nogales, is now in prison for taking bribes while in office, but his name is still on plaques around the city, and his portrait is still up in City Hall.

Now his critics want to have his name and picture removed from all public places.

City Councilman, Nubar Hanessian says the city should not honor him in any way now that he's serving three and half years on a felony conviction.

The council plans to vote on the move, and the City Manager says her staff will comply if it passes.