Postal protests around the country, including Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- America's postal workers took to the streets Tuesday across the country.

They rallied in every congressional district, including in Tucson, outside Congressman Raul Grijalva's office.

They want congress to save America's postal service and protect their jobs.

Delivering the mail is personal for many who rallied outside Grijalva's office.

"Definitely personal for me and my family and everybody involved," said Shiry Duncan.

But no one we came across conveyed that point better than 26-year veteran of the postal service Shiry Duncan.  Except maybe her kids, all three of them Asking congress to support HB 1351.

"It takes 219 to pass legislation," said Representative Raul Grijalva.

So far at least 206 are listening.  Grijalva is calling on 13 more of his colleagues to pass that bill.

"Do they need to modernize?  Absolutely.  But that modernization process can occur without destroying the system," said Grijalva.

It's a reform bill that would take $75 billion of USPS overpayment out of a pension account and recycle it back into the postal service, where it belongs.

Grijalva says that would save jobs.

"This is no time in our economy to be talking about cutting a quarter of a million jobs," said Grijalva.

Locally, that means almost 200 Tucson postal workers could lose their jobs, If the Morris Udall processing center shuts down.

"I wouldn't know what to do I don't even have a plan B," said Duncan.

That's why Shiry and her kids are hoping Congress delivers.

If Tucson's only processing center is shut down delivery time could be affected since mail would be sorted in Phoenix.

But Grijalva says he remains hopeful HB 1351 will receive enough bi-partisan support to pass.