Grandfather pleads guilty in child shooting case

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By Catherine Holland By Catherine Holland

PHOENIX (AP) -- Maricopa County Superior Court says a grandfather has pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse after his 2-year-old granddaughter was shot in the face at a Phoenix apartment.

Gerardo Garcia-Segura, 38,  is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 8.

Investigators say Garcia-Segura's granddaughter was wounded last May while she was playing with other children. She has since recovered from her injury.

Phoenix police say the toddler was with two brothers, ages 6 and 8. Those boys are Garcia-Segura's sons and the little girl's uncles.

Detectives said it appears the 8-year-old boy fired a .22-caliber handgun, striking the girl in the nasal area. The little boy then hid the  handgun under a television because he got scared.

Investigators believe the shooting was an accident.

According to court paperwork, the kids told investigators that they did not know the gun was loaded when they started playing with it.

While Garcia-Segura was not home at the time of the shooting, the gun, which was clearly accessible to the children, was his.

While executing a search warrant at the apartment, Officers found a .22 revolver, a .22-caliber long rifle, and several pellet and BB guns.

Garcia-Segura, a Mexican citizen, was arrested several hours after the shooting. Court records indicate that he was already out on bond for entering the U.S. illegally in January.