Arson fire destroys Tucson business

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The owner of a Tucson barbershop is putting his entrepreneurial dreams on hold after a late night fire destroyed his business.

He's also trying to figure out why someone would set fire to the store.

Shattered glass, charred signs and a do not enter notice.  And that's just the outside of the 2nd to none barber and beauty shop on 9th Street.

The fire started just before eleven last night.  Neighbors saw the flames and called 911.

In just a matter of minutes, about $60,000 in damage, and an end to a business that opened just nine months ago.

"We just started to hit a peak and we were getting comfortable.  The shop was finally starting to turn its wheels and be in business," said the barbershop owner.

Investigators say it was arson.  Witnesses reported seeing two men running from the scene after the fire started.

Captain Trish Tracy of the Tucson Fire Department says incidents like this happen too often in Tucson.

This is the third arson investigation in less than a week. The other two involved homes.

"Of all the structure fires we have in Tucson, the average is that 50% of them turn out to be arson related," said Capt. Tracy.

Luckily nobody was inside when the fire started. 

The two businesses next door to the barber shop are not damaged. Tucson fire and police are working together on the investigation.