Tucson nuns open popcorn store

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Popcorn and prayer, they're two things you wouldn't normally put together.

They say prayer has the power to heal.  But who says a little popcorn can't bring peace and joy?

For Tucson's Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, these days if it pops, it's a profit.

"When I tasted this, I said this is the best," said Sister Ramona.

Saturday the nuns held a grand-opening for their new store, "Prayerfully Popped."

The gourment popcorn shop sells about 20 different flavors, along with canine creations, from the cloister of course.

"We laughed at first," said Ramona.

Laugh they did, but the sisters say their unique business venture is a blessing.

"I think it's kind of divine providence that this all came about," said Sarah Caniglia.

Business Manager Sarah Caniglia got the nuns working with some U of A business students.

Together, every product they sell makes a profit for the monastery and local charities.

"It's a great recession-proof, fun, easy to produce product, gourment product, and we always thought nuns should own this types of business," said Caniglia.

The sisters agree. They say their popcorn has a savory taste so good, it's almost sinful.

"Just marvelous," said Ramona.

Although Sister Ramona does have a confession to make.

"I must confess.  I haven't had all that many flavors," said Sister Ramona.

Customers are also enjoying the business, from the name of the store.

"Clever pun, those nuns," said customer Jason.

To the diverse tastes.

"I tried the chipotle cheddar and the St. Scalastica white cheddar," said Jason.

By the grace of goodness, the sisters now have new hope for ways to help.  And who wouldn't give an amen to that.

If you'd like to check out prayerfully popped, it's located on north Wilmot Road and it's open Monday thru Saturday until 3 P.M.