Mesa woman has $300 problem with satellite provider

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

MESA, Ariz. - A Valley soldier and his wife have an ongoing problem with DirecTV.
The problems started when they cancelled their service, but the real issue was actually returning the satellite provider’s equipment.
Brent and Nicole Schmidt say they used to enjoy watching television together but never knew their DirecTV satellite boxes could be such a headache.
"It seemed like from the day we said we were cancelling, our service, everything- nothing worked right," Nicole says.
Nicole says they cancelled DirecTV after finding out Brent's Army unit was being deployed overseas and, as a result, she would be moving back to Arizona while he was gone.
“He's going to Korea for 13 months,” Nicole says.
She says DirecTV told her cancelling was fine and all she had to do was ship the satellite boxes back to them in pre-paid shipping boxes they would send her. However, Nicole never did get those shipping boxes.
“I was like ‘Can I take them to the post office to ship them to you myself’, ‘No ma'am they have to be in our prepaid boxes’,” she explains.
Nicole says not only did those boxes not arrive but when she was reviewing her bank account online she discovered DirecTV took nearly $300 from her for not sending them those satellite boxes.
“I understand if you sent me boxes and I didn't return your equipment, then I understand, go ahead and charge my account, but you haven't even sent me the equipment to return it.”
Nicole says all she wants to do is return the satellite boxes and get back that $300 so she contacted 3 On Your Side
“I'd like my money put back into my account so I can make my car payment and be able to do some things with my husband before he leaves for 13 months,” she tells us.
3 On Your Side contacted DirecTV which immediately looked into the issue and refunded Nicole her $300.

They also managed to get those prepaid boxes to her so she can send her satellite receivers back.

Nicole says it's a huge relief and credits 3 On Your Side for getting it resolved.
Direct TV apologized and blamed the ongoing problem on a simple breakdown in communication.