Valley couple never gets custom-made wedding ring

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

GILBERT, Ariz. - A YouTube video for a Valley company called Our Love Stone shows customers trying on what a man behind the camera claims to be a Tiffany ring.

The website for Our Love Stone states the company specializes in “fine jewelry and custom made jewelry.”

It’s run by a man named Scott Tischler.

Malia Ostrom and Nathan Barcy decided to do business with Our Love Stone after meeting Tischler earlier this year at a bridal expo in downtown Phoenix.

Malia was shopping for her wedding ring. “I saw his booth there and was like, 'Hi, I have a ring that I really want designed do you think you could do it for me'?” she said.

Malia says Tischler was happy to make her custom ring and agreed to do the job for $7,700.

The couple gave Tischler a $1,500 down payment to get the ring started. “It was supposed to be done in four to six weeks,” Malia said.

When the due date came and went, the couple started getting worried.

They say Tischler assured them through text messages that the ring was close to being done and the couple even agreed to give him an additional $1,500.

“It's okay, just trying to get it done under the gun, looking awesome, lots of stones,” Malia said as she read the text message from her phone. “So he's saying that it looks awesome, that implies something's been done. Lots of stones!”

Despite those text messages and the fact they had already handed over nearly $3,000 Malia and Nathan never got that ring and they actually had to postpone their wedding date because of it.

“You think everything's going to be perfect and everything's going to be done and everybody's going to be happy and you turn around and it's another story. Another lie and it's extremely, extremely, frustrating,” Nathan said.

3 On Your Side contacted Tischler and when we didn't hear back we visited his Gilbert condo but no one would ever come to the door.

Tischler also owns another business called the Diamond Hunter. 3 On Your Side also visited that east Mesa address which turned out to be an old abandoned house.

After our involvement, Malia and Nathan say Tischler returned $1,000 of the nearly $3,000 he took from them.

We never did hear from Tischler personally, but a friend of his tells us that he intends on making payments until the couple is paid back.

That friend also says the ring was never made because a third-party jeweler they hired to build it never did.

Malia and Nathan say all this turmoil has really left them upset but look forward to setting another wedding date soon.

We'll let you know if and when they get the rest of their money back.