Pima Community College makes more strigent policy

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The Pima Community College governing board voted Wednesday night to move forward with a new and more stringent admissions policy.

Pima has been moving toward toughening admissions standards for several years now.

The new policy would require students to test in at no lower than a seventh grade level of proficiency in math, reading, or writing.  A high school diploma or GED would also now be mandatory.

"The vote today is actually an endorsement on some changes that were making to credited admissions.  And the importance of it is that we are going to help some students that currently are enrolling in our credit classes but there not being successful and they're quietly leaving us," said Dr. PCC Provost Suzanne Miles.

Only about six percent of applicants can't meet the new standards.  The board held four public hearings on the policy changes, which will go into effect six months from now.