Audio reveals more about Davis-Monthan lockdown confusion

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It was a tense six hours.  Davis-Monthan Air Force Base on lockdown, reports of a man with a gun.

Wednesday the base released a statement saying they received an eyewitness report of a person carrying an assault rifle.

After locking down the base, clearing the building, and talking to everyone inside, they found the person described.

But he didn't have a weapon or mean any harm. They say the witness was mistaken.

It ended up being nothing, but there was a huge amount of confusion behind the scenes.

Through a public records request we hear the first contact Friday during the Davis-Monthan lockdown between the base and Tucson Fire.

This is Jason from Tucson Fire. Yes Sir? I've had two requests now from our captains. Do you guys have something going on that we need to be involved in about?  Right now we have an active shooter on base right now. He is barricaded in a building right now.

This brief conversation took place at 11:21 A.M. up to that point, Tucson Fire and Tucson Police were working off of rumors and hearsay.

We've heard from TPD, that someone is running around with a high powered rifle, but um. It's all hear-say at this point.

But TFD and TPD put in place precautionary stand-by plans, even notifying University of Arizona medical center to be prepared for the possibility of mass casualties.

Confusion spread over the next hour as fire captains and even the chief called in.

Can you tell me what's happening at DM? We have a shooting. Multiple shots fired. We have one confirmed patient at this point.

The lack of communication coming from Davis-Monthan can be summed up in this call from the DM Fire Department at 11:51 A.M., in which the caller seems to assume Tucson fire's already been notified.

This is DM Fire Department. Our Fire Chief wants to know how many units you are sending to DM. We don't have any in route at this point. How many do you need? What do you have? Well we just have an active shooter. We have not received a request to respond yet. But we have people on alert. So if tell us what you need, we'll send them.

Davis-Monthan did not answer questions Friday.  And Wednesday after sending a statement, the base did not respond to our request for an interview.

But interim Tucson city manager Richard Miranda says the city will review how it communicates with the base during these situations. And he wants the public to know the truth sooner.

"Not getting that message out, either by DM or us is unacceptable," said Miranda.

In this case there were no shots, no shooter and no one was hurt, but the misinformation reached not just the public, but also the agencies trying to prevent a disaster.

OK, we've got one confirmed patient. We almost started a medical full, just in case, because we had a report of six shots fired.

Miranda says in the coming days once TPD and TFD determine who knew what, and when, they will report back to the public.

In its statement, Davis-Monthan says the reason it didn't release more information to the public was in the chance the potential shooter had access to media coverage.