Rio Nuevo board Tucson council at odds over TCC repairs

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- It's no secret the Tucson Convention Center is falling apart.  It desperately needs millions of dollars of renovation and repairs.  And now it's the scene for the latest battle between the Rio Nuevo board and the City of Tucson.

The TCC is cracking, crumbling, peeling and even sinking, and that's just the outside. Inside it's not much better.

Rio Nuevo board member Jannie Cox was one of three who wanted to take action right away.  To provide $2.5 million worth of funds for capital improvements to the TCC.  But the board says it can wait a while, at least until next month's meeting.

"I really don't know how much money we have," said Rio Nuevo Board Jonathan Paton.

The board agrees the TCC needs an urgent face lift, but they're not going to simply pay-up without doing the necessary homework.

"We're not going to sign a blank check to the city or anyone.  We're going to go over every single item, every single issue," said Paton.

Meanwhile at city hall, TCC Director Tommy Obermeir stressed to the council how urgent some repairs are like replacing dilapidated bleachers.

"Its really getting old hearing them say we're broke," said Councilman Steve Kozachik.

Council members are not sold on the idea Rio Nuevo says it doesn't know how much money it has available, but say they're willing to work together.

"The time is now. The money is there," said Councilwoman Regina Romero.

The Rio Nuevo board wants several of their members to meet with a 3 person council subcommittee to further prioritize the needs of the TCC.  Then and only then will they possibly be prepared to allocate the funds needed at their next meeting in mid-October.