Warning signs of liarexia

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PHOENIX -- Most parents know about anorexia and bulimia and try to make sure they see any warning signs of eating problems developing with their kids. But there may be a new eating disorder that many parents may never know about. Some are calling it liarexia, including Registered Dietitian Rachel Daberkow. She tells Kaley O'Kelley the signs to look for in teens:

1. Eating large quantities of food when around people but appearing unusually thin, even losing weight

2. Disappearing to the bathroom (or other room) for long periods of time after eating

3. Persistent worry or complaining about being fat

4. Frequent checking in the mirror for perceived flaws

5. Wearing baggy or layered clothing

6. Repeatedly eating large amounts of sweet or high-fat foods

7. Use of dietary supplements or herbal products for weight loss

8. Depression or other moodiness

9. Social withdrawal