Dispatcher recording reveals confusion in Davis-Monthan lockdown

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- In a dispatch recording obtained exclusively by FOX 11, we learn more about what happened on the Davis-Monthan Air Force base that sparked rumors of a possible gunman. 

The base went on lockdown Friday morning with officers directing traffic away from the Craycroft gate.

The situation became more critical after a Tucson Fire dispatch claimed multiple shots were fired leaving one person injured.

FOX 11 has obtained a copy of communications between a dispatcher and a Tucson Fire Battalion Chief who responded to the Craycroft gate. 

In it you hear a dispatcher send a number of units to 2601 South Craycroft for a “shooting at DM.”  Then the Battalion Chief relays what he knows to the dispatcher, “I just met with command post location.  The shooter has been detained in a building.  They're estimating there could be anywhere from zero to five zero patients.”

The Tucson Fire Department tells us it was going off of unconfirmed information from a face-to-face meeting with a base official.  Still Tucson Fire prepared for the worst.

“My biggest thing,” says the Battalion Chief, “is trying to keep units available and also we may just want to notify the local area hospitals of the situation.”

The recording is about a minute and a half. 

Davis-Monthan officials later revealed there were no shots fired, and they reopened the base hours later without locating a suspicious man carrying a weapon. 

FOX 11 has tried repeatedly to learn the identity of the Davis-Monthan official who told TFD there was a shooting victim, but our requests have not been answered.