New additions to Old Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Old Tucson is adding something new.  The famous western movie set is expanding with even more shops and businesses.   And authenticity is the key.

A vision of the old west comes to life.

"We want people when they step into Old Tucson now to feel like they're taking a step back in time."

Pete Mangelsdorf of Old Tucson says changes are underway in the dusty town set in the 1800s.

"There will be about 12 different buildings, a boarding house a dress shop a fire station, tack and feed," said Mangelsdorf.

The new additions are expected to bring back the nostalgia lost in the 1995 fire.

"Some of the charm of Old Tucson had been lost so at that time I got together with Bob Shelton and a production designer named Gene Rudolph," said Mangelsdorf.

Rudolph has worked on a number of blockbuster films including Young Guns II, a movie about Billy the Kid filmed here back in 1990.

"We actually have a process where we can age this wood very quickly almost overnight," said Mangelsdorf.

Though construction is winding down, work on the new concept continues.

"We're taking on a little bit of a geo-tourism view on the way we do business.  You'll be able to come here and talk to a sheriff and he'll tell you what it was like being a sheriff in 1885," said Mangelsdorf.

The final touches come next month, when workers decorate each room and store front with old fashioned flair.

Old Tucson will host a grand re-opening in November.