Tucson recycle rewards program

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Everyone loves a reward for doing something right.  Now the City of Tucson may soon reward you for recycling correctly.

Ted Herman was tidying up around the house and taking out his recycables Monday morning.   When he ran into this Francis LaSala.

Francis LaSala works for the city's environmental services. Monday he rewarded Ted for doing something simple, recycling.

"This is your Do More Blue Card," said LaSala.

It's all part of Tucson's Recycle Rewards program.  A city worker will randomly inspect your blue bin. If they see you've recycled correctly, they'll award you the Do More Blue Card.

"It will be a gift card so they can go to local stores, restaurants and get 2 for 1's," said LaSala.

Residents who don't pass the inspection will get a flyer letting them know what they did wrong.

"We're gonna be sticklers on this," said LaSala.

Plastic bags are a big no no. They can be recycled at local grocery stores.  Food or used food containers are also not welcome.  And green waste like grass or cacti should not go in the blue bin.

The city hopes the reward program provides incentive for people to recycle more.

Last year the blue bin helped Tucson earn big bucks, $1.9 million, made by selling your recycables.

The recycle reward program will run through December.  The city will be handing out about 900 Do More Blue cards.