Hereford fire hearing

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HEREFORD, Ariz. -- Saturday morning, legislators met with residents affected by those major Southern Arizona fires and the floods that have since followed.

Homeowners are very frustrated and they don't know where to turn.

"It just seems like we're not getting any help from anyone you go to the meetings but you don't get a whole lot out of them," said resident Terry Lee.

Homeowners weary from fires and floods packed the Valley View School auditorium in Hereford to reach out to state senators and representatives.

"Even if we do contact someone they tell us they can't help us," said Lee.

Terry Lee has all but given up.  She made it through the monument fire, now floods have wrecked her land.

"We have flood insurance, but the flood insurance doesn't cover fencing or anything like that.  It just covers your home and your contents," said Lee.

State Senator Gail Griffin hosted Saturday's public hearing where she asked the Forest Service to help ranchers restore their property.

"Forerst Management seems to be an issue of concern some of these people live in areas that has never been flooded before but since the fires have taken place there's a lot of damage," said State Senator Gail Griffin.

The Forest Service says materials have been purchased to repair fences.  Not all answers came easy for those who attended.

"The only humans that were in that area were smugglers," said resident Cindy Kolb.

Cindy Kolb wants federal officials to flatly say illegal immigrants caused the Monument Fire.

A simple mix up of words sparked an outburst from Kolb and others.

Forest officials maintain the fire was human caused and an investigation is underway.

Some residents say they heard more speeches Saturday than answers, but legislators say they are keeping in touch with their constituents to find ways to prevent these fire and flood problems in the future.