Tucson disabilities services provider settles disability discrimination lawsuit

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The local non-profit, Community Provider of Enrichment Services has settled a lawsuit for disability discrimination.  Surprisingly, CPES provides work for people with disabilities.

Lisa Parra and Rick Siego applied for two different positions at CPES.  The two are hearing impaired and were denied employment because of their disability.

"There was requirement in the job description that they be able to hear, rather than judge the individuals based on their qualifications they simply did not hire them because of their hearing impairment," said EEOC trial attorney Jim Driscoll-MacEachron.

CPES CEO Roger Deshaies says the not-for-profit company remains adamant that nothing improper was done.

"We believe that nothing improper has happened though we stand ready to learn from this and make sure moving forward that things are better structured," said Deshaies.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says the rejection of employment was a violation of the American Disabilities Act.

After several talks a settlement was agreed.

CPES will pay Siego over $33,000 and agreed on other compensations for Parra.

"It not only resolves the issues for the two people involved but it also helps make sure that the company will work to improve its practices," said Driscoll-MacEachron.

EEOC says they were able to find out about the incident because the two individuals filed a report claiming they were being treated unfairly.