Davis-Monthan AFB scares residents with explosion on heels of lockdown

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NOTE: A previous version of the story stated Davis-Monthan officials could not be reached for comment.

TUCSON, Ariz. -- Just hours after a tense lockdown at Davis-Monthan was called off Friday night, life got back to normal at the air force base.  But homes around the base had anything but a normal night.

When they awoke to the sounds of explosions in the distance that rocked their homes.

"Just heard this huge boom, like a bomb exploded," said Rita Ranch resident Christina.

The noise woke up Christina her boyfriend Steven and hundreds of people miles away from the air force base.

"Everyone was just running around in their pajamas thinking what happened aliens or something," said Christina.

It wasn't aliens and there was no attack.  Folks at Davis-Monthan were blowing up hazardous materials at 10 P.M.

They let people online know via a Facebook post.

"I would have liked it if they would have let us know what was going on," said resident Steven.

A lot of people on Facebook agree with Steven.  Hundreds commented on Davis-Monthan's page, wishing the base had done a better job of communicating before their homes were shaken up.

To make matter's worse it happened on the heels of an already stressful day near the base after a lockdown and a search for a gunman and a gun that never was.

On Monday Davis-Monthan officials responded to a request for comment explaining Friday's detonations were originally scheduled during the day but due to Friday's lock-down it was postponed.