Tucson first responders teach parents to use child safety seats

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Car accidents are the leading cause of death among children.

Sunday, local first responders taught parents important lessons about child safety seats.  The inspection kicks off National Child Passenger Safety Week.

"For the shorter route you have to use a tether," said Capt. Tom Louis from the Green Valley Fire Dist.

Sunday parents got a second opinion on the best way to install their child safety seats.

"Take a look at both the owners manual for the vehicle and the owners manual for the child safety seat," said Capt. Louis.

Once you get the right seat for the right vehicle, consider your child's height and weight, and do your homework.

"The standards and the requirements are changing, they're recommending that children stay rear facing as long as possible up to two years old," said Louis.

Officers and firefighters brought parents up to speed and provided a little peice of mind.

"They told me I did a wonderful job however because of my childrens' weight I have to discontinue using the latch system and have to move to the seatbelt secure system," said parent Mona Latimer.

Mona Latimer is double-checking the seats for her twin girls.

"We did have a car accident and my children were in car seats that were not as safe as they should have been and i didn't know all the information that's out there," said Latimer.

Ramona Alvarez is preparing her mini van for her very first grandchild.

"I really haven't used a car seat in a long time so this is kind of new to me," said Alvarez.

First responders hope these drive-in workshops help protect children on the road.

"You increase the chances for their survival in a collision and you reduce their chances of injury and doing it right makes a huge difference," said Louis.

Safe kids USA is a national group that hosts seat inspections like the one in Sahuarita every year all over the country.