Dr. Drews Lifechangers premiering on CW

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PHOENIX – New York Times bestselling author and host of “Celebrity Rehab,” Dr. Drew Pinsky has a new show debuting on the CW – “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.”

Pinsky, a practicing physician board certified in internal and addiction medicine, is also considered a relationship expert due to his nearly 30 years as host of the nationally syndicated “Loveline” radio show

With a daily talk-show format, “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers” is designed to help people get unstuck and turn their lives around by making some simple, practical changes. Pinsky has put together a unique team of 35 experts in a variety of fields – the Lifechangers – to help facilitate those changes.

The show has three main goals -- reinvent, rebuild, restart -- and it's for anybody who wants to make a change in his or her life whether that means losing weight, fixing finances, getting out of a bad relationship or dealing with a medical problem. The show is about life and all that it entails.

“I want to help people building a flourishing, happy life,” Pinsky says in the introduction to the show.

While most people know Pinsky for his work with addiction treatments, he has spent most of his careers as a primary-care physician.

“This is a very familiar role to me – to help people, to be their ombudsman, to help them tell their story, to help them connect the dots emotionally, to show them where they need to change and then get the experts who can really help actualize and sustain that change.” he said.
Pinsky said each show has take-home messages for the audience. It’s not just about the subject who’s on the stage.

One episode will feature a Phoenix woman who was living in her car, staying in a strip mall parking lot. With help from Pinsky’s team, she now has a job and a real place to live.

“This woman is massively transformed because of what we did for her,” he said.

“Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers,” airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on CW6.