Thirstbuster video opens doors for Peoria teen

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PEORIA – Vikram Malhotra loves creating music and video and he loves Circle K, especially their Thirstbusters.

Those two loves came together when he created a song and shot a video that he posted on YouTube.

Little did Vikram know that Circle K executives who were surfing the site found his video, “Bust It Like a Thirstbuster,” and they liked it – a lot.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Vikram hopes to one day become a recording artist and music producer. He has even created a mock studio in a closet in his room where he records songs and edits videos.

Late last year, the Circle K team came across a video he and his friends made at the Circle K at 83rd and Olive avenues in Peoria. They were rapping about their love of the convenience store, and their favorite drink, Thirstbuster! Vikram’s video has become a sensation with more than 5,000 hits on YouTube.

After Circle K execs met with Vikram, they arranged for a studio recording of "Bust It Like a Thirstbuster," complete with professional background singers.

Vikram is now an intern with Circle K, helping kick off off the company's campaign to find other up-and-coming artists. Creatively showing how much you love Circle K could win you a $10,000 scholarship.

Vickram’s song can be heard right now in Circle K commercials on radio stations across the country. The TV version will be released at the beginning of next year.