No answers in string of crashes

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PHOENIX - A man took bad driving to the extreme Friday morning.  Police suspect he crashed into one car after another Friday morning on Glendale Avenue in North/Central Phoenix.  Each time they say he left the scene until finally, one of the drivers he hit, chased him down.

“Got anything to say bud?” a 3TV photographer asked the man as he sat handcuffed in the back of a police vehicle.

Minutes before, he was on Glendale Avenue where he allegedly hit John Stevens' truck.  The small red Hyundai didn't do a lot of damage, but Stevens expected to talk.

“I thought he was going to pull over but he just kept going, kept driving,” said Stevens.

John Stevens decided to follow the man thinking maybe he didn't know he hit him.  But he says he got to Central Avenue and saw the driver side-swipe somebody else.

But it was at 7th Street, where the young man slammed into the back of Scott Pasmore's Porsche sending him spinning into a wall.

“It happened so fast, I have no idea where the guy came from,” Pasmore said.

Other drivers and passengers gathered to give police their two cents.

“Crazy, pretty crazy,” said a woman named Shay. “I was on my way to go hiking and ruined my day.”

“It wasn't a huge deal that he hit us, it was a huge deal he was running away,” said Megan McCawley.

“You got anything to say bud?” our photographer asked.

“I'm not talking to you,” he responded.

“Why didn't you stop?” our photographer continued.

“I did stop,” he said.

It was six blocks before the man's car gave out and police arrested him.  John Stevens was there to make sure it happened.

“Stuck his hand in his pocket when I got out of the car and told him to get on the ground,” said Stevens.  “Stuck his hand in his pocket so I put him down on the ground.”

Police performed a field sobriety test and put him back in the truck, leaving the victims with broken vehicles and questions as to why this happened.

No one was injured in that string of crashes.  Police have not released the suspects name or whether he was under the influence of anything.  We also don't know whether he's in jail.