Sahuarita homeowners still wrestling with association over flooding

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Some residents in a Sahuarita neighborhood are thankful they didn't get hit by Thursday's storm because they're still trying recover from the weekend storm that caused some major flooding.

They're still looking for answers as to why the Homeowner's Association took no preventative action.

"The police officer that we talked to, he peeked over and he saw our little puppy.  The table was under water and the puppies ears were sticking out.  We had a lock on here and he broke the lock and when he opened the door all the water just surged out," said Yvette Grajeda.

Yvette Grajeda's story is just one of more than a dozen in this Sahuarita neighborhood.

This past weekends storm flooded her backyard and many other homes that sit next to the wash.

"You can still see that it was right here.  That's where I was ale to see it, you can see the mark that it was right here," said Grajeda.

Thursday, the Homeowners Association and homeowners met behind closed door to discuss the problem.

Many of the homeowners didn't have flood insurance because the area is not on a flood plain.

"Everybody is pretty frustrated you know all the homeowners are just,  they want answers.  There  are holes in their walls.  Its hard to live in.  Insurance isn't picking up," said Grajeda.

Crews have been picking up debris and trying to clear up the dirt.  But residents feel their yards will still be vulnerable to floods if another storm hits.

"Yeah, I think if we get a good rain its possible the dirt its not a whole lot lower than it was they worked back here these last 2 days really hard," said Grajeda.

The situation has been pretty tough for Grajeda her husband and their two teenage children. Their carpet has been ripped up and they have fans constantly blowing air into the walls.

"We got some mosquitoes and I don't know if it was due to moisture and they got really eaten up but it has been really difficult on us in every way," said Grajeda.

Grajeda and her family are renting the home and say its time to move on.

The Homeowner's Association did not return calls.