UPDATE: Chase returns $695 to Mesa woman

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PHOENIX - Tonight, we have an update on a Mesa woman who's trying to get nearly $700 back from her bank. Jill Davis was going to give a company $695, but only after she received documents in the mail to sign. However, she never did receive those documents and she certainly never signed anything. Still her bank handed over the money anyway.

"We are ecstatic!  We are so, so, so, so excited!" Davis said.

Jill Davis couldn't be happier now that she has her money back.

"We are so pleased and they would not have done it if it hadn't been for 3 On Your Side, Gary Harper, you guys are just fabulous!" She tells 3 On Your Side.

It's quite the turnaround from just a few weeks ago when 3 On Your Side first told you about Jill.

"Banks can play God with you they can do anything they want, take your money without any signatures, without anything at all and do whatever they want," she told us in our first story.

Jill was upset with Chase bank over allowing a company called City Investment to withdraw $695 out of her account without her signature or authorization. Jill was going to let City Investment withdrawal the money after she received certain documents in the mail to sign.
However, when she never received those documents and never signed anything, Jill decided not to do business with City Investment and thought her $695 was safe in her Chase bank account.

"They were going to send us paperwork via email and we were going to sign it and send it back and that way we would authorize them to take more money out of our account, we never did receive that," Jill explained.

Nonetheless, Chase let City Investment withdraw the $695 anyway because City Investment claimed to have Jill's verbal permission for the withdrawal. Even after 3 On Your Side asked Chase to look into the matter and provided them with the documents that did not have Jill's signature, Chase still wouldn't budge and allowed City Investment to keep the money.

After we nudged Chase a little more, however, they reviewed the case yet again and reversed their decision. They returned that $695 back into Jill's account, plus more.

"They not only put back in the $695 that they had originally taken our of our account but then we also had $710 worth of overdraft fees," Jill tells us.

It's money Jill says she desperately needs due to increasing medical expenses and something she says wouldn't have happened without the help of 3 On Your Side.

"3 On Your Side, Gary Harper, you guys are just fabulous" she said. "We are so ecstatic and so, so happy that you were able to do this for us."

Thanks to Chase bank for looking into this situation a third time for 3 On Your Side and for reaching that decision.