Council and Rio Nuevo Board tour Tucson Convention Center

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- High profile city leaders and Rio Nuevo board members took a tour of the TCC Thursday night.

It was organized by council member Steve Kozachik.

City leaders want the Rio Nuevo board to move forward on TCC renovations.

Millions of dollars of work are needed to make the TCC competitive, but the two groups needs to work together to make it happen.

"This building needs work.  We've got $40 million on lists in front of us and the Rio Nuevo Board members are going to walk out of here with that list.  And I'm hoping they'll take a hard look at it and start opening up their checkbook," said Councilman Steve Kozachik.

"It's the first the first joint opportunity we've had to do something like this because of quorum issues or the city not wanting to do something of this nature so this is really a positive step forward," said Rio Nuevo Board member Jodi Bain.

Rio Nuevo board member Alberto Moore says the new board is focused on not just spending money, but recovering money misspent while the city was in control of Rio Nuevo.