Thursday flooding forced swift water rescues and neighborhood evacuation

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Thursday's storms surprised one southside neighborhood near Valencia and I-19. Flash flooding threatened homes and a Sun Van bus.  It made for a busy day for firefighters.

When the rain finally stopped the water level receded just as quickly as it rose, but earlier a Sun Van bus was under water and people were trapped inside.

"When the storm hit," said Capt. Trish Tracy from the Tucson Fire Department.  "We had several swift water rescue calls."

Thursday was bad.  Fast moving water washed a Sun Tran van down a south side street.  When it suddenly became stuck with waters still rising.

Firefighters' quick action helped pull the driver and a disabled woman from the stranded bus to safety.  But TFD's work in this neighborhood wasn't done yet.

"We then started evacuating the neighborhood," said Tracy.

The water made it inside three homes.  And forced 6 people to leave it all behind.

All in all there were no injuries. The sun finally came out.  And the water eventually receded, but firefighters say this should be a warning.

"Remember it's not worth risking it through the water to be home a little earlier because you might not make it home at all," said Tracy.

Valencia Road was closed between 6 and 12th Avenues Thursday afternoon.