KTTU "In Focus," Sunday, 9/18/11, 10:30 AM

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By Bryce Potter By Bryce Potter

Host Bob Lee interviews Jan Cleere,author, “Levi’s and Lace:  Arizona Women Who Made History." Cleere has received national and regional awards for her historical work.  She focuses mostly on people who first settled the Arizona Territory.  She lives in Tucson.

Cleere says the book covers 35 Arizona women from Hispanic, African American, Native American and Anglo heritages.  She says she placed her subjects in six different categories, women of the land, who healed and saved, entrepreneurs, educators, arts and the law.  

Cleere talks about Lozen, who fought beside her apache people and healed them.  Also Saint Katherine Drexel, who gave up a fortune to bring education and Christianity to Navajos.  She says Lorna Lockwood, the first woman appointed to the Arizona Supreme Court, paved the way for women to occupy the highest positions in law. All the women in the book, she says, were known for their bravery in the face of adversity, their confrontation of extraordinary and sometimes dangerous situations, their adventurous spirit and their dedication to improving the lives of others.  

Cleere says remarkable women are not the exception to the rule, but the backbone of the west.  She says it was enjoyable learning about these women, some of them little-known, that created homes, towns, churches, schools and businesses to help Arizona and the West grow.