GOP Primary candidates Romney and Bachmann in Phoenix

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PHOENIX, Ariz. -- About 600 people in Sun Lakes packed-in to see Mitt Romney speak in a town hall style meeting.

Topics ranged from border security, to health care, to of course jobs.  And that was what Romney wanted to talk about.

As soon as he got up on stage he told supporters that he has what it takes to get the economy back on track.

Romney seemed to play well to this audience of mostly retirees, promising to preserve state's rights and repeal President Obama's health care reform.

Romney isn't the only presidential candidate in Arizona Wednesday night.

Representative Michele Bachmann was in Phoenix, where she met with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Bachmann had about 15 minutes with the sheriff Wednesday afternoon.  They planned to talk about his tough stand on immigration laws.

Bachmann expressed her opinion about Arizona law SB 1070.

"I know as President of the United States, I would not be suing the state of Arizona.  I would be fulfilling the commitment the federal government needs to fulfill and that's secure our borders," said Bachmann.

Sheriff Arpaio has not endorsed any republican candidates yet, but supported Romney in 2008.

The visits from Romney and Bachman come just days after Governor Jan Brewer announced Arizona will hold its presidential primary February 28.