GOP Primay candidate Romney stops in Tucson

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- Just days after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued a proclamation announcing Arizona's February 28 primary date, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney traveled out west and made a stop in Tucson.

The State of Arizona is trying to position itself as a key state for the GOP race.  With a possible debate in December and the primary election in February, candidates like Mitt Romney are stopping in the Grand Canyon State to get their message out.

"People like myself who want to win the presidential nod for the Republican Party want to come to Arizona get our message here let people why were running and hopefully get the support of the people of Arizona," said Romney.

"Arizona was right to finally take action to protect its own border and to keep from being intruded upon by those who come in here illegally.  I think we do need to have a fence and unlike Gov. Perry I support the Arizona law," said Romney.

Romney came to Tucson to listen to local business owners and push his jobs and economic growth plan.  Which he says, will cap federal spending at 20% of GDP and lower the corporate income tax rate.

"Having a business round table is meeting with small business people and talking to them about their enterprise and then learn specifically why it is this Obama economy has been so hard on them," said Romney.

More than 30 business and community leaders tuned into what Romney had to say.

"I am hear listening and learning.  I'm not here as an endorsement at any point this time but it was interesting to hear his perspective.  I think you heard again and again about the cost of doing business and regulation reform," said Lea Marquez Peterson from the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Romney says his plan is conservative and he wants to make the U.S. the best place for business.

"I am devoted to making America the most attractive place in the world for business; for jobs to grow for incomes to grow," said Romney.

Romney is hoping his message gets out and his popularity grows as he travels through the state before the debates and primary in Arizona.

Romney continued his tour of Arizona with a town hall meeting in Sun Lakes, southeast of Phoenix.

If you would like to see the raw video of our interview with GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.