How to get the most beer for your money at ballparks

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX - YouTube video shows fans at an Oakland A's baseball game seemingly shocked at what they've just discovered.

“This is a small beer at the Oakland A's game at the Oakland Coliseum, $5. But this is the large beer, $8,” the man in the video said.

But when he pours the contents of the small cup into the large, you can see, they hold almost exactly the same amount.

“Three extra dollars for that amount. Three extra dollars!” the man behind the camera said.

Since the video was posted, fans from around the country have recorded their own cup-to-cup comparisons.

3 On Your Side wanted to know if the same thing was happening at Chase Field in Phoenix so we went to an Arizona Diamondbacks game.

We bought two beers, a small and a large.

The small: 14-ounce for $4.
The large: 24-ounces for $9.

We brought the cups back to our studios and tested them ourselves.

While the results weren't nearly as dramatic as the home videos showed, we found that when it comes to getting the most beer for your buck, one of the cups is the clear winner.

Two small beers gets you 28-ounces for $8.

While just one large beer gets you 24-ounces for $9.

So, two small beers are the better deal.

It'll get you 4-ounces more but costs a dollar less.

That sounds like a deal to Diamondbacks fan Moe Peloquin.

“You get more. You get about 4 ounces more buying it this way as opposed to buying one large beer,” he said.

While $4 for a beer may still seem steep to some, it's not.

According to Major League Baseball data, the Diamondbacks have the lowest beer prices  compared to other baseball teams, a title they’ve held for five years straight.

Restaurant consultant Steve Roussas says that could change if the D-Backs continue doing well.

“As long as people are happy with what they have experienced, they don't mind they pay that extra $2 for their beer,” he said.

Roussas says a lot of research goes into pricing strategies at athletic venues nationwide, but fans in the YouTube videos seem to think the biggest game is being played on them.

The Diamondbacks tell us there are no plans to raise prices at Chase Field but that rates will increase for the playoffs, which is typical for all teams.

Still, the D-Backs say prices will be 24 percent cheaper than they were when the team last made it to the playoffs in 2007.