Abode Air is in hot water with the state

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

PHOENIX – A Valley company is in hot water with the Arizona Attorney General's office.

The company, by the name of Abode Air, was profiled by 3 On Your Side in January when a woman had a complaint about Abode Air.

Since then, the state has cracked down on the company. The owner, however, tells 3 On Your Side that he will pull through.

"Every mark on that board is a call that was scheduled out of here," Ron Dew explains as he points to a company chalkboard.

Dew runs Abode Air, the embattled air conditioning company that has come under intense scrutiny by The Arizona Registrar of Contractors, the Arizona Attorney General's Office and the Better Business Bureau.

Still, Ron tells 3 On Your Side, he'll do what he can to survive his latest business mistakes. "If there's any way possible, I want to salvage it and bring it back."

This might be difficult, however, because just this week the Arizona Attorney General's Office obtained a preliminary injunction claiming Abode Air violated the State's Consumer Fraud Act by telephoning people who were on the "Do Not Call" list.

The injunction immediately prohibits Abode Air from calling consumers and soliciting them anymore.

As a result, Abode Air's office is completely empty. Before, nearly 150 telemarketers used to sit there, their work still clearly visible on the board.

"That was the primary source of work. I mean probably 95 percent of our work," Ron explains.

Abode Air is also in trouble with the Registrar of Contractors.

Just this week, the agency revoked Abode Air's license due to a significant number of consumer complaints. The revoked licenses prevent Abode Air from performing any work above $1,000.

Dew says it's a financial blow and his company will have to survive by making small repairs that are under the $1,000 ceiling.

"Under the "handy man" rule, we can do work for under a $1,000," he tells 3 On Your Side.

Finally, there is the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has given Abode Air an "F" rating after logging more than 300 consumer complaints.

Regardless, Dew says he'll work to improve his business but because of this injunction, he tells us, "It pretty much means the end of Abode Air for the moment."

Dew says he fired his former general manager for all of those harassing telemarketing calls that got him into trouble.

Abode Air may face fines as litigation with the Attorney General's Office continues.