Tucson home for men flooded from recent rains

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TUCSON, Ariz. -- The heavy rain storms in Tucson over the weekend caused a huge problem for an assisted living home for men.

The Marshall Home, which has been around for 80 years, suffered some major flooding in the basement.

But help is starting to arrive.

Three days after Saturday's storm, Martin and his crew of workers at the Marshall Home are still cleaning up.

The basement is usually where the residents, all of them men and most of them war heroes, go for entertainment.

Everything in here at the time was floating we have taken 90% of it out of here, we had a couple of large TVs like this one and another one in storage that is gone.

Not to mention all four of their air conditioning units and a water heater that may also be gone.

We put fans in the dorms but its been cool enough so that hasn't been an issue as far as showers we have showered them in our second dorm since we have two dorms.

This isn't the first time water has been trapped in the basement.  There have been three other cases and the culprit behind it all, a wash 30 yards behind the facility.

"It's like a wildcat dumping area where people will just come and dump mattresses sinks whatever and that ends up getting into the wash," said Joe Cimino from the Marshall Home for Men.

Crews from ADOT and the City of Tucson were out cleaning the wash, trying to help prevent another flood.

However, the damage is done and now Marshall Home needs some help with repairs.

"Financial would be the most help because we need the money to repair the air conditioners we need clothing again for the men, personal need items like shampoo and soap," said Cimino.

Help came rushing in by way of Carol Craig and her husband Tuesday afternoon.  They picked up books, clothing and fans.

"I went to Bookman's, I went to the Salvation Army and everybody helped, it wasn't just us.  Mostly Bookman's gave us boxes upon boxes of books for men and it has just snowballed from there," said Craig.

Craig says more people are expected to continue dropping items off to help the residents within the next few days.