Neglected puppies seized from Phoenix home

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PHOENIX - Eight Pitbull puppies and their parents are being sheltered at the Arizona Humane Society and their owner is wanted by Phoenix police.

Police were called to the house early Wednesday morning in reference to dogs fighting. When officers looked over the wall, the fight was over but that was the least of their concerns. 

Nine of the dogs were crowded into the equivalent of a filthy, uncovered jail cell. The father had escaped and was wandering around the backyard. 

Each of the dogs was emaciated, infested with ticks, and some of them had lacerations. 

Animal EMTs with the Humane Society also responded to help. As soon as they stabilized the most seriously injured dogs, they began photographing the area for evidence. 

The dogs themselves will also be used as evidence.  "We take these cases very seriously.  We will take the people to court, and try to seek the maximum punishment," said Bretta Nelson with the Humane Society.

For now, that could be up to five years behind bars and a $20,000 fine for the owner but police first ave to find him. 

The suspect was not at the house when officers arrived and neighbors said he's only there sporadically.