29 Prime claims it will refund $1,500 to Gilbert pre-school

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By Jim Carr By Jim Carr

GILBERT, Ariz. – An East Valley pre-school is in the hole around $1,500 because the owners of the pre-school hired an out-of-state company to give them better exposure on the internet.

However, even after cancelling the transaction less than 24 hours later, the pre-school still can't seem to get its money back.

"We love what we do and I provide an education to young children that we couldn't find ourselves when our kids were this age," says Cassie Millar, the co-owner of the Gilbert pre-school called Kinderbugs.

Like any business, Cassie is trying to increase her pre-school's exposure.

When she got a phone call recently from an out-of-state company called 29 Prime, she was interested in what they had to say.

According to Cassie, 29 Prime claimed they could get Kinderbugs to be one of the first schools to pop up on internet search engines if parents were looking for pre-schools in Gilbert.

"They guaranteed us to be on the top, they said it's a money back guarantee that we could get all of our money back if we were not the first ones with our keywords so it sounded really good for us so we jumped on it," she says.

Cassie agreed to pay 29 Prime nearly $1,500 by giving the company her debit card.

However, after she thought about it further, she decided $1,500 was a lot of money for her pre-school.

"They told us that we had 24 hours to be able to change our minds," Cassie explains.

The next day she called 29 Prime to cancel, but according to Cassie, they wouldn't do it.

After speaking to several different people, Cassie says 29 Prime finally agreed to return $1,000. However, 29 Prime would hold on to $500.

"He said, 'Oh, it's a non-refundable fee’." I said ‘Well, I was never made aware of that’," Cassie tells us.

3 On Your Side contacted 29 Prime. A company executive told us he wasn't quite sure what their return policy was but he did promise me that a full $1,500 refund would be going to Kinderbugs.

Although 29 Prime promised to return the money, Cassie decided to contact her bank.

After she disputed the charge, the bank returned the $1,500. Regardless, she's glad to have her money back and she's glad 3 On Your Side got involved.

Cassie says for now at least, she'll be using the money to educate her students instead of trying to increase her business.