Treating knee pain at AZ Pain Centers

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PHOENIX - Caring for your body, especially your knees, is crucial to your well being and is often overlooked. At AZ Pain Centers they can help treat chronic and acute problems of all types.

How do people develop knee problems?

According to Doctor Cecil Graham at AZ Pain Centers, the knee is the largest joint in the body carrying all of our mass so the basic wear and tear our knees take over time is detrimental to our health.

For people 50 years and older, osteoarthritis is one of the most common pain ailments.

Over time the cartilage, the cushion between the top bone and bottom bone in leg that meets at the knee, can wear down causing pain. Symptoms include swelling and pain when moving the joint.

Knee pain doesn't always originate in the knee. Any pain that comes off of the spine, the most common ailments being a herniated or bulging disk, can put pressure on the nerve root and cause pain in a variety of areas off of that nerve.

At AZ Pain Centers doctors first address the pain by determining the source. AZ Pain Centers uses a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatment to treat and manage a patient's pain.

They can treat a variety of pains, from back to knees to migraines.

People dealing with chronic pain problems longer than three months might require longer treatment programs. For patients with acute problems it is best to seek treatment early on to prevent the problem from turning into a chronic condition. If pain is treated early enough AZ Pain Centers might be able to cure it.

AZ Pain Centers is a supporter of Phoenix Children's Hospital and is helping promote their radiothon later this month.

On September 21 and 22 the radiothon will be held encouraging the public to call in and donate money to benefit Phoenix Children's Hospital. In the spirit of philanthropy, AZ Pain Centers encourages the community to call, donate and help out.